If you for some reason need to cancel your booking you will get a certain refund depending on the timeframe in between when you request to cancel and your booking date.

- If you cancel 60+ days before your booking you will get a full refund

- If you cancel your booking within 30-60 days of your booking you will get a 50% refund

- If you cancel less than 30 days before your booking unfortunately can cannot offer a refund.

Requesting to change dates or move dates around is absolutely accepted and we will do our best to accommodate you in special circumstances. 

MAJA Canggu is a 700sqm complex comprised of 5 suites around 48sqm each. Our 5 suites are all private with private features like a rooftop terrace plunge pool. The main pool, dining area and cinema are shared by all guests.

IS MAJA canggu a private or shared villa?


MAJA Canggu is located just off Batu Balong, 4 mins from the beach. You can find us here

how to get to maja canggu?

I am confused by the currency, what are the actual rates?

What is included in my stay?

All guests at MAJA Canggu will get access to our full list of amenities and services including but not limited to:

- our famous beach oasis pool
- our indoor cinema which is playing a scheduled movie nightly with FREE popcorn
- a SMEG coffee machine pouring free coffee
- daily fruit platter
- high speed WIFI
- MAJA butler on call for food delivery or other requests
- daily cleaning and room refreshments
- welcome drink & fresh towel

Can i bring pets?

Unfortunately, although we absolutely love pets, we cannot accomodate pets at our location. We love our fur babies but they make a big mess and they don't create the most relaxing atmosphere. We want all our guests to feel at peace and relaxed.

Are children allowed to stay?

Once again, although we love kids, MAJA Canggu was built specifically for couples and adults. We have intricate architecture with many steps, bridges and high platforms, it is very beautiful but quite hazardous for children.

What is your Cancellation  policy?

Yes we have airport transport, please contact our staff via email or Whatsapp after you've made your booking and we will be happy to arrange you a pickup from Denpasar airport. 

Do you have airport transfer?

Is a deposit required when booking?

Yes, all our bookings require a deposit, which may be either 50% or 100% of the total fee depending on the rate and date you are booking.

Is there wifi in all the villas?

Yes, all our villas have high speed internet for netflix, downloading files and online work.

CAN I do photoshoots at THE HOTEL WITHOUT STAYING the night?

Our hotel is reserved for our guests only, however there are certain periods of the year blocked out for photoshootings. If you would like to book a photoshooting please contact us on instagram @majacanggu

Yes, all our bookings require a deposit, which may be either 50% or 100% of the total fee depending on the rate and date you are booking.

Are there extra activities I can book at the hotel?

Tours around Bali or to the Nusa Islands can be booked directly from our staff at the hotel. Extra activities like floating breakfasts, flower pools, private cinema screenings, outdoor cinema, romantic rooftop dinners etc. Can be booked depending on availability, weather conditions, occupancy etc. Please ask the staff if you are interested in any of these activities and they will be happy to assist. 

what is your smoking policy?

We have an absolute no smoking policy at our hotel. We have a dedicated smoking area outside our complex that can be used for guest who are smokers. If a guest is found to be smoking inside our complex we will have to take severe action.

what is the max amount of guests per suite?

Each suite has a maximum capacity of two people.

By law in Indonesian we have to have Indonesian Rupiah showing on our website. There a many zeros and we understand it can be confusing. 

Here are our rates in EURO and USD per night:

- Poolside Suites (244€, $260)
- MAJA Apartment Suite (€305, $325)
- Palmview Suite (244€, $260)

Can i bring outside guests into the hotel?

MAJA Canggu is reserved exclusively for overnight guests. No outside guests are allowed inside the complex unless it has been agreed to by staff.